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Spring Cleaning: Don’t Miss These 10 Often-Forgotten Areas

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Spring cleaning is a chance to give your entire home a fresh start. But let’s be honest, sometimes even the most dedicated cleaners miss hidden areas. Here are 10 often-forgotten areas that experts recommend tackling for a truly clean space:

1. Walls, Door Frames, and Baseboards: Don’t just focus on floors! Walls accumulate dust, dirt, and even bacteria over time. Wipe them down with a damp microfiber cloth and dish soap for glossy or semi-gloss paint. For flat or eggshell finishes, opt for dry dusting.

2. Vents: Clogged vents mean poor air circulation. Use a microfiber cloth, long duster, or even a dryer sheet to clear dust from vent grooves. This simple step will make a big difference!

3. Small Spaces: Don’t underestimate the power of small clean-outs! Medicine cabinets, junk drawers, and bedside tables can get cluttered. Tackle these first. They’re manageable and will give you a sense of accomplishment to tackle bigger projects later.

4. Deep Clean Your Kitchen Cabinets: Spring cleaning isn’t just about organization. Give cabinets a good scrub inside and out with a damp sponge and soapy water. Don’t forget to vacuum out dust with a handheld vacuum for a truly deep clean.

5. Declutter Your Makeup Collection: Spring is a great time to refresh your makeup routine. Sort through your makeup and discard expired or unused products. Streamlining your collection will save you time getting ready in the morning!

6. Shower Heads and Ceilings: Your shower head is a haven for mineral deposits. Scrub it with a vinegar solution to remove buildup. Don’t neglect the shower ceiling either – moisture can lead to mold and dust accumulation. Give it a good wipe-down to keep your bathroom sparkling clean!

7. Conquer the Sock Drawer Chaos: No more sock-matching struggles! Sort through your drawer, discard mismatched or holey socks, and neatly fold or ball up pairs. You’ll instantly feel more organized.

8. Tame the Tangled Tech: De-clutter your cords and chargers. Use binder clips to keep them organized and avoid future tangles. Label the clips for easy identification.

9. Recycle the Junk Mail: Clear those cluttered entryways and countertops! Recycle unwanted catalogs and flyers. This quick declutter will free up space and make room for important mail.

10. Declutter Your Kitchen Countertops! Clear away appliances and unnecessary items to create a more spacious and inviting kitchen.

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