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OLD COMPUTER: How to Prep It Properly for Disposal

OLD COMPUTER: How to Prep It Properly for Disposal

Computer not working well? It’s probably time to replace it. However, computers are not ordinary trash that can be thrown away. Computers must be prepped then appropriately disposed of at a regulated and legal facility.

Before sending off the necessary parts for destruction, you’ll want to thoroughly wipe a computer of personal and financial information, images, and more.

What should I delete from my computer before junking it?

Follow these steps:

1. File backups

You must back up the files you want to transfer to a new laptop or desktop computer before “cleaning the data” on your existing computer. An external hard disk is usually ideal for transferring files. Saving data on a portable storage device is the quickest and most effective approach to backup data of any kind.

2. Before recycling the computer, remove the hard drive.

You must remove the hard drive and wipe it clean whether you donate your computer or have it discarded at a nearby recycling facility. Delete the files from the hard drive or overwrite them with a data shredder software application.

3. Clear all browser history.

You may be required to delete your online browsing history when disposing of a computer. If you use multiple web browsers, such as Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer, be sure to clear your browsing history in each one. Wiping clean your browsing history removes sensitive sites such as your online banking information and other personal data, which is very crucial when preparing a computer for disposal.

4. Encrypt all sensitive data files.

To ensure that a hacker cannot access your data, encrypt the most sensitive files and documents before properly disposing of your computer equipment.

Unwanted users cannot access your most sensitive data if an entire external drive is encrypted. Here is a list of encryption software available in 2022.

5. Remove all software.

Although certain software products, such as Microsoft Office, appear to be innocent, the truth remains that many of them keep personal information.

Uninstalling all software packages before looking for a computer disposal service near you is the best way to preserve your personal information.

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