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CA YARD ALERT: Excellent Lawn Options During Times of Drought

CA YARD ALERT: Excellent Lawn Options During Times of Drought

Drought conditions in California have worsened, and water restrictions are on the rise, making a low-water yard more critical than ever.

If you haven’t already, changing the turf grass in your yard might save you a lot of money and effort. Then swap it out for one of these drought-resistant options:

Decomposed granite: When compacted, decomposed granite, a gravely granite rock residue, bonds together. It’s a terrific option for driveways, pet areas, patios, and full yards that don’t require paving. It also does not produce dust when walked on.

Pea gravel: An easy, quick, and cost-effective alternative to decorative grass that comes in a range of hues or a mix of earth tones. Lower-cost versions have sharper edges, so keep them away from locations where children and pets will be

Ornamental grasses: Drought-resistant and low-maintenance, ornamental grasses thrive in nearly every type of soil and require little to no fertilizer. You may also wave goodbye to artificial pesticides because they’re naturally disease and pest-resistant.

Artificial grass: These items can replicate the look of lush, green grass, and they’ve gone a long way in recent years. Today, artificial grass comes in a variety of styles that are nearly indistinguishable from the genuine thing. They also don’t require water or fertilizer, and they’re low-maintenance.

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