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GARAGE ORGANIZING PROJECT: Store Often-Used Gear Efficiently

In Step 1 of the Home Team Hauling Garage Organizing Project, we talked about  the importance of simply checking out what things you currently have in the garage.

In Step 2, we discussed how to get started purging and organizing your garage, and the best times to do so.

In Step 3, we learned the importance of sorting garage items in zones.

Here’s the fourth step:

Step 4: Put gear that you use often near the garage entrance.

If you play basketball and ride bikes most weekends, it’s not efficient to have to walk all the way to the back of the garage every time you need your sports gear. Instead, keep these things along a wall near the door. Use storage there that makes sense for the items you use: bike hooks for bikes, wire mesh baskets to hold basketballs, shelves to store gardening supplies, etc.

Home Team Hauling can support you throughout your garage organization project by removing the items you don’t want or need.

Contact Home Team Hauling for a free estimate.

Tomorrow’s Post: Step 5 – Don’t stop now.


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