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COMMERCIAL CLEANOUT: 10 Advantages of Digitizing Info and Documents

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According to Adobe’s article 10 benefits of digitizing documents and files, here’s how you can boost your business with ten benefits to going digital:

Better storage capacity — What takes up more space: a room full of filing cabinets or a single hard drive?

Easy accessibility — It’s much easier for employees to click on a file folder than sift through cabinets. Multiple people can search simultaneously for even more accessibility.

Fast file retrieval — Instead of wading through countless folders, simply type what you’re looking for into a search bar and find it instantly.

Easier and faster collaboration – Skip the task of making file copies to share with coworkers. Send them in an email and collaborate in real-time, even when you’re not in the same room.

Greater organization —You can’t put a thousand files into a folder in a cabinet, but you can with a hard drive.

Increased security — Forget locks and keys. Digital document files are encrypted and secure. It’ll take more than a hammer to access your documents.

Save on resources — Stop buying paper and toner for physical documents and save money on office supplies.

Environmentally friendly — Less paper means less waste. The environment will thank you.

Better data recovery — Digital backups can restore your files, even after a catastrophic failure. If you lose your paper files, they’re gone forever.

File longevity — Paper files get worn out over time. Digital documents stay pristine forever.

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