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FYI: Backyard Shed Spring Cleaning: Clear the Clutter, Embrace the Greenery!

Tools in backyard shed

Use this pre-season lull to shed some clutter and welcome spring with open (and organized) arms!

Yard Equipment Audit: From mowers to trimmers, assess everything. Can you sharpen blades, replace batteries, or breathe new life into old favorites? For worn-out gear, remember responsible disposal is key.

Pruning Shears Symphony: Do you really need an orchestra of pruners? Select the best and leave the rusty conductors aside. Ditto for watering cans and cracked pots. Sharpen, clean, and store the chosen few for optimal spring performance.

Time to Retire the Weathered Wonders: Those forlorn gnomes and windchimes have served their time. Be ruthless! Donate, repurpose, or recycle anything past its prime. A clutter-free shed means more space for spring’s vibrant additions.

Need help with junk removal and recycling as part of your tool shed decluttering project? Call on the Home Team! Call or text us at 925-605-6663 for a no-obligation quote.

WE HANDLE: Residential and commercial cleanouts, mattresses, furniture, refrigerators, washers and dryers, televisions, e-waste, exercise equipment, trash, couches, construction debris, concrete, dirt, and so much more!

We guarantee that everything we haul will be delivered to a legal and regulated facility.

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