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FYI: 5 Psychological Advantages of a Clutter-Free Home

FYI: 5 Psychological Advantages of a Clutter-Free Home

1. Decluttering renews your sense of confidence.

Decluttering makes use of your problem-solving and decision-making abilities. You have a certain number of goods and a limited amount of space to store everything. To make everything fit, you’ll need to make quick decisions about which items to keep and which to reject, as well as where to place the belongings you decide to keep.

2. Decluttering can give you a boost of energy.

You put yourself in “get-things-done” mode when you make a succession of swift decisions about what to do with all your stuff. Very energizing!

3. Cleaning and organizing can help to relieve stress.

When things are out of order, we can feel disorganized and uneasy. Cleaning and tidying items can result in a calm, positive feeling.

4. Decluttering might help to relieve family and marital conflict.

Excess clutter can put a strain on a family. If you’ve spent 10 minutes hunting for something and are now rushing because, time-wise, you are running behind, you might argue with your husband about the clutter or snap at your children. A lot of this stress can be alleviated by decluttering.

5. Decluttering helps you to discover long-lost “gems.”

When you declutter, you’ll often discover family heirlooms and other objects you’ve forgotten you possessed. These discoveries can give you a sense of serendipity and abundance, which can improve your mood and give you more energy to tackle greater tasks.

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