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DISCOVER: 29 Garage De-Cluttering Tips for Homeowners in 2024

Clean empty garage

Garages often become dumping grounds for everything from seasonal items to old tools and forgotten toys. But with a little effort, you can transform your garage from a chaotic mess into a tidy and organized space. Here are 29 tips to help you de-clutter and reorganize your garage in 2024:


  1. Start with a clean slate: Empty your garage completely. This will give you a clear picture of what you’re dealing with and make it easier to sort through everything.
  2. Sort ruthlessly: Divide your belongings into three piles: keep, donate or sell, and throw away. Be honest with yourself about what you truly use and need.
  3. Consider the “one-year rule”: If you haven’t used something in a year, it’s probably time to let it go.
  4. Utilize vertical space: Install shelves, hanging hooks, and pegboards to maximize your walls and ceiling space.
  5. Group similar items together: This will make it easier to find what you need and keep things organized. For example, group all your gardening tools, car care supplies, and sports equipment in designated areas.
  6. Use clear containers: Clear bins and boxes will allow you to see what’s inside and prevent dust buildup. Label them with their contents for easy identification.
  7. Store seasonal items out of the way: Pack away winter clothes and holiday decorations during the warmer months, and vice versa. This will free up valuable space in your garage.
  8. Create designated drop zones: Have specific areas for commonly used items like bikes, sports equipment, and tools. This will help prevent clutter from spreading.


  1. Install a workbench: A dedicated workspace will encourage you to tackle DIY projects and keep tools organized.
  2. Hang bikes and tools: Free up floor space by hanging bikes, kayaks, and tools on the wall or ceiling.
  3. Use pegboards for small tools: Pegboards are a great way to keep hammers, screwdrivers, and other small tools easily accessible.
  4. Label shelves and drawers: Clearly label shelves, drawers, and bins to make it easy to find what you need.
  5. Utilize corner space: Corner shelves and cabinets can be a great way to utilize often-wasted space.
  6. Invest in durable flooring: Epoxy or rubber flooring is easy to clean and maintain, making it ideal for garages.
  7. Keep the door clear: Ensure there’s enough space in front of the garage door for easy entry and exit.
  8. Install a drainage system: A floor drain will help prevent water from accumulating in your garage.
  9. Add lighting: Good lighting will make it easier to find what you need and work on projects.


  1. Schedule regular decluttering sessions: Don’t let your garage become cluttered again. Schedule regular decluttering sessions to keep things tidy.
  2. Put things away immediately: Make it a habit to put things away immediately after use to prevent clutter from accumulating.
  3. Clean regularly: Sweep and mop your garage floor regularly to keep it clean and dust-free.
  4. Inspect and maintain tools: Regularly inspect and maintain your tools to ensure they are in good working condition.
  5. Rotate seasonal items: Rotate seasonal items like tires and lawn furniture to prevent them from taking up space year-round.
  6. Utilize online storage: Consider using online storage services for items you rarely use.


  1. Paint the walls: A fresh coat of paint can make your garage look brighter and more inviting.
  2. Add decorative touches: Personalize your garage with posters, plants, or other decorative items.
  3. Install a sound system: Enjoy your time in the garage with a sound system for music or podcasts.
  4. Create a mudroom area: Designate a space for shoes, coats, and bags to keep them organized and out of the way.
  5. Add a comfortable seating area: Create a cozy corner with a chair or bench for relaxing or reading.
  6. Install a TV: Watch sports or movies while working on projects in your garage

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