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DISCOVER: 15 Reasons to Haul Away Yard Waste for a Summer Celebration Space

Collecting dry leaves and a branch into wheelbarrow in the spring

Maximize Fun Space: Reclaim your yard for barbecues, games, and relaxing under the summer sun. No more tripping over branches or squeezing past piles of leaves!

Hello, Mosquito Repellent! Yard waste creates damp hiding spots for mosquitoes. Get rid of it and enjoy a pest-free summer.

Fire Hazard Gone: Dry leaves and branches become fire hazards in the summer heat. Clearing them prevents accidental fires.

Tick-tock for Ticks: Tall grass and overgrown areas are havens for ticks. Cleaning up your yard reduces the risk of tick bites.

Allergy Attack Relief: Reduce allergens like pollen and ragweed by removing yard waste that traps them.

Aesthetics Matter: A clean yard creates a beautiful and inviting atmosphere for summer gatherings.

Sunshine for All Plants: Clear away dead leaves and debris so your desired plants can get the sunlight they need to thrive.

Garden Power: Use composted yard waste to create nutrient-rich fertilizer for a flourishing summer garden.

Backyard Bliss: Transform your yard into a summer oasis you’ll love spending time in.

Peace of Mind: Knowing your yard is clean and fire-safe brings peace of mind so you can focus on summer fun.

Curb Appeal Champion: A tidy yard makes a great first impression on neighbors and guests.

Eco-Friendly Edge: Hauling away yard waste keeps it out of landfills and allows for composting, reducing your environmental impact.

Summertime DIY Projects: Clear a space for that fire pit or hammock project you’ve been dreaming of!

Efficient Watering: Without yard waste blocking the way, you can ensure your desired plants get the water they need.

More Time for Summer Fun: Spend less time cleaning up your yard and more time enjoying the sunshine with friends and family!

Need help with junk removal and recycling as part of your summer junk removal project? Let The Home Team help! Call or text us at 925-605-6663 for a no-obligation quote.

WE HANDLE: Residential and commercial cleanouts, mattresses, furniture, refrigerators, washers and dryers, televisions, e-waste, exercise equipment, trash, couches, construction debris, concrete, dirt, and so much more!

We guarantee that everything we haul will be delivered to a legal and regulated facility.

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